Environmental, Social, and Governance


Millennial Precious Metals thinks about tomorrow, today.

Guided by our Mission and core values, we are committed to creating lasting socio-economic benefits for all stakeholders through the responsible discovery and expansion of economic ounces of precious metals.

Care for the safety, health, and well-being of our people, local communities, and the environment.

Respect for our people, the environment, and the values of our host communities.
Integrity in dealings with employees, communities, governments, and others.
Accountable to do what we say we will do and uphold our commitments to equal opportunity.
Collaborate as a team by working in an open, transparent, and inclusive manner.


Millennial Precious Metals is committed to the highest safety and environmental standards, while establishing and maintaining positive relationships with our local and Indigenous communities, as well as the communities and governments in Nevada and Arizona to unlock real, lasting, and tangible benefits for generations to come.


We promote a culture of safety by leading by example. In all of our activities, we strive to reduce risk through elimination, substitution, engineering controls, procedures, training, and protective equipment to ensure everyone returns home safely every day.


Millennial Precious Metals is committed to managing and responding to COVID-19 by respecting the recommendations of health authorities and local and national regulatory requirements.


In consideration of the environment and our communities, we strive to lead by example to demonstrate that exploration and development can be done responsibly. Through our commitment to the highest standards of environmental performance, we will constantly strive to avoid or minimize adverse effects upon the environment while maximizing benefits for the people and communities where we operate, as well as for our shareholders and employees.


We are committed to providing healthy, safe, and inclusive working relationships with our people, suppliers, local and Indigenous communities, and government stakeholders. Our goal is to build and enhance the capacity of workers and businesses through local procurement and hiring, and by stimulating long-term economic development beyond our project.


Millennial Precious Metals Corporation believes that strong governance is key to improving corporate performance. We plan to benchmark our compliance by following the guidelines set out by the TSX Board Governance guide practices.